Electronic Component Distributors – the vital link in the demand and supply chain of electronic industry

Electronic component distributors find, market and sell electronic parts to manufacturers who then use the components in assembling the final product. An example of an electronic component is a switch, which can be used in the assembly of a smart phone. Manufacturers utilize the services of electronic component distributors to acquire the necessary components, even those that are obsolete or difficult to find. This ensures that their production efficiency is not hindered by lack of components. Additionally, distributors test the quality of components, preventing counterfeit parts from being used in production.

These component distributors are an important link in the chain of supply and demand in the electronics industry. A dependable distributor can supply manufacturers with components for reasonable prices. Affordability is especially important for manufacturers that require parts that are obsolete or hard to find as their prices are typically inflated. They also help the manufacturers build and maintain their inventory through services such as inventory management and excess inventory consignment. The distributors provide the manufacturers with technical support and replacement of defective electronic components. Although a silent partner in the chain, the component distributor can help steady the components’ fluctuating prices.

The electronics industry is expanding rapidly due to the rise in demand for all electronics, from consumer products such as tablets, smart phones, and digital cameras, to the electronic components used in the automobile, military, aerospace and the medical industries. Because of this boom in the electronic component distribution industry, there is also a rise in the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit electronic components. Such parts are illegally manufactured by entities other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), therefore they are of superb quality and can be a grave threat to the integrity of the final product. . In the medical technology industry, for instance, the use of a counterfeit component could results in a catastrophic occurrence. To ensure the purchase of quality, genuine electronic components, be sure to hire a respectable, experienced electronic component distributor.

Harry Krantz Company is an electronic component distributor with over 70 years of experience serving manufacturers in various industries, with a specialization in military and aerospace. Their knowledge of the market and ability to adapt to its changes makes Harry Krantz an effective distributor capable of helping their customers by both allocating components and providing invaluable advice.

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