What Qualities Make Electronic Component Suppliers Reliable?

Whether you are looking for assistance in selling or buying electronic components or looking to improve your overall flow of business, working with a qualified and experienced electronic supplier can prove extremely beneficial. It is important to analyze different suppliers and what they offer before making a decision on one to partner with, but the right partnership can offer you increased financial success and improved inventory management.

If you are looking to acquire parts, it can be hard to find everything you need in one place, but Electronic Component Suppliers with an extensive inventory of both new and obsolete items make it possible to work with just one. Finding a supplier that allows you to work with them and only them can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. An adequate inventory should also stock a significant backup supply of items in emergent cases where clients may need an increased order. Looking at how a supplier manages that inventory is just as important. Whether you are looking to buy or sell electronic components through a supplier, you want to make sure they practice secure counterfeit protection and management of obsolete parts.

Counterfeit prevention methods ensure that each and every item entering the supply chain is authentic and safe. The production of counterfeit parts has grown to be a severe problem in the electronic industry and puts a company’s success at great risk, as well as a consumer who may end up with an inauthentic product. Obsolescence management can also make or break a company’s success. Obsolete items are an ongoing challenge for those working in the electronic industry as the pose a risk for great financial loss. If you are looking to buy components, you want to make sure a supplier has a fair balance of new and obsolete components in their inventory, and if you are looking to sell components, you want to make sure the supplier is experienced in managing such items.

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What To Consider When Researching Electronic Component Distributors

Electronic components are vital in all areas of production ranging from the medical field to various military systems. Working with a professional distributor for electronic components is beneficial to any company, no matter what industry you are in. Finding the right distributor takes time and careful research. It is important to understand what factors matter most in a company when shopping around for a distributor and research as much as you can on the company’s experience and background.

One of the biggest things to consider when comparing Electronic Component Distributors is the inventory. A distributor with an extensive inventory, including obsolete or hard to find components, can offer options to its clients and eliminate the need for clients to commit to more than one distributor at a time. The product quality within an inventory is also critical in making your decision. Knowing that the items a company offers are made with state-of-the-art, authentic materials is essential to your success. When an electronic is made with less than standard materials, or is produced as a counterfeit duplicate, you are putting your business and your clients at risk. Counterfeit items lead to a loss of funds in the long run and can endanger the final consumer if the item is defective.

Because of the constant rise in counterfeit production, investigating a distributor’s counterfeit detection and analysis methods is also important prior to making a final decision. Reputable and reliable distributors will examine each item that enters their supply chain for authenticity. Detection methods vary from X-ray screening, outside lab testing, microscopy, and the latest in DNA technology. Another factor to consider is whether or not the distributor offers consignment services, where you can sell your excess items. Through consignment, you will still retain ownership on excess items until they are sold. These services allow companies to manage excess inventory in a way that still returns some sort of profit.

Long Island-based Harry Krantz Company is one of the largest Electronic Component Distributors in the world today, specializing mostly in military components. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, the professionals at Harry Krantz Company strive to provide dedicated and personal service. Through proper quality management, secure item analysis and careful inventory management, Harry Krantz Company remains at the top of the electronic industry.

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What To Look For in a Military Components Distributor

Is your production in need of a steady supply of military parts? Are the parts you need obsolete or hard to find? Finding a trustworthy electronic components distributor that specializes in military parts is your best option for purchasing such. The sale of electronic components is a growing industry with numerous distributors offering their services to manufacturers. While many are reputable distributors that have been in business for decades, others may have questionable products and practices. Therefore, it is important to research your options prior to coming to a conclusion.

Several factors should be considered in your decision-making process, including experience, quality and the variety of services the distributor offers.

Experience – Throughout all industries, experience of the professional is crucial to the ease of the consumer. It is especially so in the sale of military components, where lives of both soldiers and civilians can be put at stake. The selection process of a distributor in regards to experience is similar to that of choosing a surgeon. As a patient, you would prefer to have the physician with the most experience in performing the procedure you need. The same goes for a distributor: the longer they have been in the industry, the better candidate they are.

Quality – Along with experience, quality is a necessary factor to review. Although laws and regulations prohibit the sale and use of counterfeit parts, it continues to be a significant problem in the industry worldwide. The use of military parts in the manufacturing of products used by the military forces, in combat or otherwise, can endanger many lives. To prevent this from occurring, distributors and manufacturers must have strict quality assurance guidelines and testing programs. Be sure that the distributor you choose has proper certifications and testing protocols.

Services – To ensure best in quality, many distributors offer services such as on-time delivery and excess inventory management. Such services can help improve the efficiency of your production and may increase your profitability. Even if you are not considering using any services currently, it may be a necessity in the future so it is suggested that you find a distributor that offers value-added services.

If you are looking to hire a supplier, we suggest that you check out Harry Krantz Company. With over 70 years in the business, they understand the military component market and are able to advise their customers on when to best buy, sell or keep their components.

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How To Manage Your Excess Inventory Wisely

Handling your inventory of electronic components and products efficiently is one of the top priorities for a manufacturer. However, it can be a daunting task, especially if you are not experienced in dealing with such matters. Some manufacturers continue hire in-house professionals who specialize in managing excess inventory, while an increasing number of manufacturers are entrusting this crucial task to third party electronic component distributors.

Hiring a third party is typically a more efficient way of managing excess inventory for several reasons, including affordability. While in-house workers require salary and the cost of benefits which come with employment, third party companies are considered independent contractors and are typically more affordable. If you are looking for an electronic component distributor, also consider the quality of their work as well as their experience. The more experience the company has in helping manufacturers handle their inventory needs, the better.

Prior to hiring a company to manage your excess inventory, it is important to understand the goals of the service. The overall purpose is to increase the efficiency of your production by primarily bringing order to the organization of your inventory. This can help locate parts and products that may be able to be sold. The distributor is able to then sell these parts on consignment basis, which is the preferred way of selling electronic components and products considering the fluctuating market.

Inventory consignment allows you to put your parts or products on the market while still retaining ownership of them up to the point of sale. The distributor uses their network and marketing efforts to sell your parts and typically gets paid a percentage of the sale price. Furthermore, the distributor can share invaluable knowledge with your regarding market trends and which parts you should sell, keep or buy more of. This will allow you to better manage your inventory in the long run while maximizing your profit. The right distributor will help you increase the overall efficiency.

Harry Krantz Company is an exemplary distributor with over 70 years of experience in excess inventory consignment as well as supplying components to various industries including the military and aerospace markets. Their knowledge and reputation grants them access to a large network of buyers to help turn manufacturers’ surplus inventory into profit.

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The Changing World of Electronic Component Distributors

The constant demand and addition of new technology into the market has caused distributors to re-evaluate the market they are in and adapt, or face going out of business. As a result, over the past several years, electronic component distributors have begun to change the way they do business. Instead of only providing electronic components to specific or varying industries, many distributors now also provide value-added services such as excess inventory management, just-in-time (JIT), kitting and more.

One of the major events that has helped bring about the change in the way distributors, especially those of military components, drive their business is the sequestration that was enforced in March of 2013. The U.S. Department of Defense saw a deep cut into the amount of capital they could spend on electronic components and products. A large portion of that cut is coming out of reducing the amount of distributors they have, cutting the number down to the most cost efficient, knowledgeable and experienced electronic component distributors. This decision also factors into the amount of value-added services they offer.

This diversification of services provided by the distributors also benefits original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as it is now the responsibility of distributors to educate them on the new product offerings. Relying on their expertise in the field, distributors are able to offer and suggest components to manufacturers that may not be aware of their existence. This can help them increase their efficiency by decreasing the chance of costly design mistakes.

However, not every distributor is reliable, which is why it is important to know what to look for. First and foremost is the quality of the services and the product. As counterfeit components are flooding the market, it is becoming increasingly important to choose a distributor that is uncompromising on their quality standards and government compliance procedures. Furthermore, it is beneficial to choose an experienced distributor who keeps their hand of the pulse of the changing market. Considering the exponentially increasing speed at which technology changes today, as a manufacturer, you want to have someone on your side that can provide you the information you need to be efficient and on top of your game.

Another crucial factor in today’s market is the size of the distributor’s inventory. A large inventory will help ensure that the electronic component distributor is able to get you the parts you need, including obsolete and end-of-life (EOL) parts in a timely manner.

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How To Buy Electronic Parts Efficiently

Buying electronic components can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know where to turn. In the recent year, the technology market has advanced exponentially, leaving many electronic components to become obsolete.  Obsolete components, or electronic parts that are no longer produced by the original manufacturer, can be even more difficult to find. The best solution to avoiding the frustration of locating the best priced parts is to employ the services of a reliable electronic component supplier. These third-party entities make it their responsibility to find manufacturers the electronic parts they need.

Why is it beneficial to use a supplier to buy electronic parts?

The right electronic component supplier is experienced in finding components, ensuring their authenticity and acquiring them at the best price. Furthermore, hiring a supplier benefits the overall efficiency of your production by freeing up your in-house resources. Instead of holding your staff responsible for finding components, you can outsource this work to professionals who can test the parts on-site and ensure that you are getting the best price.

How do I find the right electronic component supplier?

It is easy to find a reliable supplier if you know what to look for. It is important to consider the following factors prior to hiring a supplier:

Experience – How long has the supplier been in the business and what kind of manufacturers have they worked with? Do they specialize in the same part of the industry as you do (ex. Military, aerospace, consumer).

Reputation – Do they have good testimonials? Have you heard good things about them in your community? Remember, a supplier becomes a significant part of your production team – does their reputation reflect yours?

Quality Assurance – What are their compliance standards and do they follow them? Do they have a good reputation in regards to providing only quality components? Do they have a testing routine for each component?

Majority of this research can be done online. If you feel confident that you have found the right supplier, you may be able to buy electronic parts from them online as well.

By researching the above factors thoroughly, you will be able to make the right decision for you. One of the most reliable suppliers of electronic components is Harry Krantz Company. With over 70 years in the business, they have withstood the test of time and continue to provide their customers across various industries with quality components.

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Purchasing Authentic Obsolete Electronic Components

One of the biggest challenges manufactures face is finding authentic electronic components. This is especially evident when searching for obsolete electronic components. Such electronic parts are no longer made by the original manufacturer and are typically very difficult to find and can be expensive. There are many reasons as to why electronic components become obsolete, the most prevalent of which is the pace at which technology is changing today. In order to locate and purchase authentic obsolete parts at a reasonable price, many manufacturers are choosing to hire an experienced supplier.

The obsolescence of electronic components can often be witnessed in the consumer electronics market. For instance, manufacturer in the cell phone industry are in constant competition to create a faster, more intuitive, sleeker machine. As a result, new cell phones are released on a monthly basis from various manufacturers. Although this may not be evident to the consumer, by the time a new cell phone comes out on the market, its parts are already headed for obsolescence, if they are not there yet. In other words, if a consumer were to request a replacement part a month after the release of a new phone, it may cost them more than purchasing an even newer model, if the part is available for purchase at all. This is because the original manufacturer is already producing a newer, more efficient part for the next model and no longer produces the old, obsolete electronic component.

In addition to frequent changes in technology, obsolescence can be caused by environmental and government bans, planned marketing strategies, and more. However, many manufacturers rely on the components which become obsolete. The acquisition process can be risky, expensive and quite frustrating for manufacturers. To avoid the frustration and not incur any lack of efficiency in their production, many manufacturer hire electronic component suppliers to find and purchase the components for them.

It is important for the manufacturer’s production and reputation to hire a reliable supplier to acquire their obsolete electronic components. Harry Krantz Company has over 70 years of experience in obtaining obsolete components. They comply with all government regulations and their counterfeit assurance program is strict and thorough to ensure their clients’ satisfaction.

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