How to Avoid the Purchase of Counterfeit Military Components

The creation and sale of counterfeit electronic components is becoming a widespread issue across all manufacturing industries. Not only can the results of utilizing counterfeit components be catastrophic for the consumer, but they can quickly shut down a manufacturer for lack of diligence in quality assurance. To prevent this from occurring, an increasing number of manufacturers are hiring electronic component suppliers to help them attain authentic components.

Manufacturers of military products are finding this method especially helpful as the use of authentic military components combined with proper manufacturing can save the lives of both military personnel and civilians alike. Quality testing is either done by the supplier in-house or by a trusted partner of theirs that specializes in quality assurance. Such testing includes physical testing, including location of proper OEM markings, weight, size, shape, etc. Additionally, x-ray and electrical testing may be used to ensure that the component is authentic.

In addition to ensuring that the components are authentic, suppliers can help increase the efficiency of acquiring such components, which may translate into higher profits for the manufacturer. Suppliers are experienced in finding and acquiring components for the best price, which helps you save both money and time. In some cases, suppliers offer value-added services such as inventory management or excess inventory consignment to help you sell your excess components. They can also act as guides, helping you understand the market trends for certain types of components.

When choosing a supplier, be sure to consider the following factors:

Experience: It is beneficial to hire a supplier that specializes in buying and selling military parts and that has been in business for over 10 years. The test of time is not only important to qualify them as someone knowledgeable in the business but also as someone that is able to keep up with the rapidly changing market trends successfully.

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance and testing programs are crucial in the electronics industry to battle the growing threat of counterfeit component production. Suppliers should be checking all of the components that enter their facilities by performing both physical tests such as x-ray and verifying OEM markings, in addition to electronic testing over temperature. Compliance with government standards is also crucial.

Quality components must also come at an affordable price from a supplier that knows the market trends. With over 70 years in the business, Harry Krantz Company understands the military component market and is able to advise their customers on when to best buy, sell or keep their components.

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