DNA Makes Its Mark On The Electronic Industry

As the production of counterfeit components continues to hinder the electronic industry, new detection methods are constantly on the rise. DNA Marking, was introduced to the electronic industry by Long Island based company Applied DNA Sciences in 2012 and has been the most reliable form of counterfeit detection to date. Applied DNA Sciences’ Signature DNA is based on full, double stranded plant DNA that cannot and has not be duplicated or decoded. DNA Marking has been implemented in electronic component companies and government systems worldwide. Since 2009, DNA technology has been responsible for more than 60 convictions of counterfeit production in London and has been deemed mandatory in all military defense components by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.

The production of counterfeit electronic components costs the electronic industry billions of dollars each year. When inauthentic components enter the supply chain, they put companies and consumers in real danger. Distributors can suffer a huge profit loss, and consumers may end up with defective parts. Counterfeit components are generally made with less than standard materials and can be harmful if they are not properly constructed. As many electronic component distributors deal with military and government systems, this can be particularly dangerous. Before DNA Marking, detection methods varied from x-ray screenings, lab testing and visual inspection. While reliable, counterfeit items were still slipping by. The new DNA method can uphold in less than desirable conditions, including extreme cold or hot temperatures, rough weather, abriasion or aggressive industrial treatment baths. The markings have been repeatedly and rigorously tested by national laboratories and have passed all exams that test their reliability and safety.

In order to better serve and protect their clients, leading electronic components distributor Harry Krantz Company signed an agreement with Applied DNA Sciences in May 2013 to implement the use of botanical-DNA based security. With the most secure tactics in place, the professionals at Harry Krantz Company provide the best for their customers and practice only quality business management.

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