Working With A CCAP-101 Certified Electronic Component Distributor

The electronic industry can be a tricky business. With the increasing development of counterfeit parts entering supply chains and the hands of consumers worldwide, its more important than ever to make sure you protect yourself, your brand and your clients from inauthentic electronic components. Through the Components Technology Institute based out of Huntsville, AL, the Counterfeit Components Avoidance Program offers a CCAP-101 certification to independent distributors who strive to prevent the purchasing and delivery of counterfeit electronic components.

In order to achieve certification, independent distributors must undergo a thorough audit performed by the Components Technology Institute that monitors every aspect of the company’s procedures and capabilities against counterfeit items. The distributor’s shipping and packaging will be evaluated, as well as their detection methods. Eligible distributors must practice intense visual inspection, state-of-the-art x-ray examinations and competent lab testing. If an independent distributor is awarded certification and then found to be delivering counterfeit parts, the Components Technology Institute reserves the right to suspend or terminate the certification. Each certification is rewarded for 12 months before the distributor must be audited again.

Partnering with a distributor that is certified in counterfeit avoidance can prove to be extremely beneficial, whether you are a large company or individual consumer. Counterfeit electronic components pose unnecessary risk to those who possess them. As a business, counterfeit items can cause a negative effect on your production and profit. As a consumer who ends up with the counterfeit product, you may be in danger. Generally, counterfeit components are produced with less than standard materials. When dealing with electronic components that are not produced with a consumer’s safety in mind, you could be putting yourself at great risk. Many counterfeit components are entering the supply chains of companies that handle military and government systems which could be extremely dangerous.

In its constant efforts toward quality assurance, Long-Island based Harry Krantz Company has been named a CCAP-101 certified distributor. Harry Krantz Company is one of the largest electronic component distributors in the world today, specializing in military and high reliability components. With more than 70 years of experience in the electronic industry, the professionals here strive to provide dedicated and personal service to every client. Through proper quality management, secure item detection and analysis, and careful inventory management, they continues to remain at the top of the electronic industry.

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