Finding a Reliable Electronic Component Supplier On The Internet

The rapid advancement in technology has forced manufacturers to rapidly change their components, making some electronic parts obsolete in as little as a month. In most cases, buying a new component is cheaper than replacing the old one as obsolete components are typically more expensive and difficult to find. Finding electronic components has become easier for manufacturers as many distributors and suppliers now display their inventory on the internet. However, how do you find reliable product? In order to save themselves the time, resources and frustration of finding authentic products, many manufacturers employ the services of electronic component suppliers.

Suppliers are companies that have a network of buyers and sellers and are able to get their clients authentic components at an affordable price. In the rapidly changing technology industry, it is beneficial to have a knowledgeable supplier procure components for the manufacturers. Therefore, when researching suppliers, manufacturers should look for one with a large inventory, ample experience and a good reputation.

Time-proven experience can indicate that the electronic component supplier has the proper knowledge to deliver the service manufacturers are hoping for. In many cases, suppliers become part of the manufacturer’s team in a sense that their performance can greatly affect the efficiency of production – either in a positive or a negative way. If a supplier has been in business for a significant amount of years (10+), it is likely that their clients receive proper service.

A large inventory is helpful as it cuts down the procurement and delivery time, getting the components into the manufacturer’s hands as quickly as possible. This can make a significant difference for a manufacturer who may need an order of components right away to meet a deadline. For example, Harry Krantz Company has over 700,000 lines of parts in their inventory, allowing their clients to receive them in a timely manner.

When dealing with electronic components, it is important that the electronic component supplier has a good reputation, which typically starts with their quality assurance program. Due to the catastrophic effects the use of counterfeit products can have on production, the supplier a manufacturer chooses to hire should be compliant with government standards and test each component they re-sell to ensure that it is authentic.

Overall, the supplier with the most aggressive quality assurance systems, good reputation and years of experience is the best choice. To learn more about electronic components or to find a reliable supplier, visit

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