How to Obtain Obsolete Electronic Components

From consumer products to military technologies, the electronics industry is changing rapidly. As a result, electronic components utilized in manufacturing such products quickly become obsolete. Obsolete electronic components are parts that are no longer produced by the original manufacturer and are therefore difficult to allocate by manufacturers who may still need them for their products. In order to avoid the frustration and time it takes to find obsolete components and test their authenticity, many manufacturers employ the services of electronic component distributors.

There are several reasons for the obsolescence of electronic components. The most prevalent cause is the rapid pace at which technology changes today. The electronics market is constantly working to supply the demand of various industries for faster, more efficient technologies. As a result, components which may have been the most efficient on the market last month, could be replaced by even faster versions this month.

Another reason obsolete electronic components are formed is what is typically called “planned obsolescence”. Planned obsolescence is a marketing tool for various industries, especially for consumer products. This can often be witnessed in the computer industry, which creates components which are only designed to last up to 5 years. Once a set amount of products is sold, such components are no longer made by the original manufacturer and therefore, become obsolete. Because the consumer cannot find a replacement part, they are forced to buy a new, whole product.

Environmental and government bans can also bring on the obsolescence of components. This can especially hinder the manufacturer’s ability to attain such parts due to shipping restrictions. Even if the component is allowed in the manufacturer’s country, it may be costly to ship it as they would have to avoid territories where the component is banned.

Electronic component distributors can help manufacturers find and obtain obsolete electronic components. Experienced distributors typically have a large network of sellers and can provide manufacturers with affordable services meanwhile testing each component to ensure its authenticity. Additionally, hiring an electronic component distributor will ensure that their production efficiency is sustained or improved.

Harry Krantz Company has over 70 years of experience in obtaining obsolete components. They comply with all government regulations and their counterfeit assurance program is strict and thorough to ensure their clients’ satisfaction.

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