Electronic Component Distributors – How Can A Reliable Distributor Improve Your Production?

While some manufacturers previously believed that it is best to procure the necessary components themselves, today many understand the importance of hiring a reliable distributor. There are numerous reasons for hiring an electronic component distributor, some of which include quality control, acquisition of hard to find components and an increased efficiency of production. Overall, the distributor you hire must be able to improve your production.

One of the main reasons manufacturers today choose to hire an electronic component supplier is the pace at which components become obsolete. Due to the frequent changes and improvements in various industries of technology including consumer, industrial, and military, components become obsolete at a rather fast pace. Manufacturers who still need those components for their production often face the frustrating and time-consuming process of acquiring those parts. In such cases, experienced electronic component distributors can be of assistance as they are able to get such parts in a timely manner. This ensures that your production is not delayed due to the inability of locating or acquiring the essential components, thus improving your efficiency.

Hiring a distributor that has a rigorous quality assurance program in place can also improve your production. The sale and use of counterfeit parts is a major concern faced by distributors and manufacturers alike. While there are several reasons why a component may be labeled as a counterfeit part, the main reason is that it was not produced by the original manufacturer and is therefore substandard in its functionality. Some counterfeit parts are difficult to tell apart from the authentic components; therefore it is important to hire a supplier that performs active testing on each component such as electric testing. By making sure that the components you use in your production are authentic, you can avoid the chance of your product malfunctioning as well as substantial loss of profit.

While there are several electronic component distributors to choose from, it is important to select the best fit for your company. The right distributor can improve your production and therefore improve your profit gain. With over 70 years in business, Harry Krantz Company is a leader in the industry and has a stock of over 700,000 parts, a rigorous risk management system in place as well as a support system for their customers.

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