Finding a Supplier of Military Components

Due to the fast pace at which military technology is changing, some manufacturers hire military components suppliers. A reliable supplier is capable of locating hard to find components, ensuring their authenticity and informing you on possible changes in the market. When choosing which supplier best fits your team, it is in your best interest to thoroughly research your options and pay special attention to their experience, customers’ testimonials, and quality assurance programs.

The production and sale of counterfeit military components is an increasing threat to the manufacturing of military products. As the manufacturers of counterfeit components are becoming better at duplicating OEM components, the authentication process is becoming mor e complex and time consuming. As a result, efficiency of production suffers. To solve this problem, many manufacturers hire suppliers that have a rigorous quality assurance program.

An effective quality assurance program should include the testing of physical measurements, cross-checking OEM markings and ensuring they’re permanent, x-ray testing as well as electric testing. Whereas most other measurements and tests can be passed by counterfeit products, electric testing normally cannot. Electric testing over temperature ensures that the component will perform how it is expected to under the duress that it is supposed to withstand.

In addition to executing an effective quality assurance program, experienced military component suppliers will have positive customer testimonials. It is suggested to visit a third-party site that will have impartial, honest reviews rather than the supplier’s site that will only have positive testimonials. Also, when first researching your options of suppliers, ensure that they are specialized in supplying military parts. This will ensure that you can get the support and knowledge you need now or in the future. An approved supplier of military parts will most likely be listed on the Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD).

Experience is typically most indicative of whether the supplier is reliable or not. Suppliers that have been in business for over a decade are normally capable of adapting to market changes, assuring you that your supplier will not go out of business and hinder your production any time soon. However, it is important to consider all parts before making your final decision.

Harry Krantz Company is a reputable supplier that has specialized in allocation and sale of authentic military parts for over 70 years. Although they provide electronic components to numerous industries, they specializes in providing authentic parts to the military and aerospace industry.

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