What To Look For In An Electronic Component Distributor

An Electronic Component Distributor is a supplier of electronic parts that are necessary for manufacturing. There are numerous reasons why a manufacturer would seek the services of a distributor, all of which add up to improved efficiency of production. When researching your options of suppliers, take note of their quality assurance programs, affordability and additional services.

While some manufacturers believe that hiring a distributor is an unnecessary expense, more understand that the addition of a supplier to their team is actually a money-saving, profit-producing business move. One of the ways a reliable distributor can help improve your production efficiency is by offering a rigorous quality assurance program. A common frustration for manufacturers and distributors alike is the sale and use of counterfeit products throughout the supply chain. For a manufacturer, the discovery of a counterfeit component can halt production and its use in the finished product can be catastrophic. To avoid such scenarios, your electronic component distributor will test the parts thoroughly by measuring them first and then testing their functionality and performance.

When qualifying your distributor, quality assurance should be your first concern. Secondly, make sure that a supplier is affordable and the best choice for you financially. It is suggested that you request a quote from several suppliers for parts that you will need and compare their price points. While comparing quotes between several suppliers, don’t be enticed by the lowest price if deviates greatly from the average. A significantly lower cost of components can indicate that they are counterfeit. Substandard components, while cheaper in the beginning, will cost you more in the end.

Finally, consider the services of electronic component distributor offers. You should be able to rely on your supplier to deliver your components on time as well as provide support before, during and after you complete your orders. If you regularly need specific components, you can choose a supplier that offers scheduled delivery services. Other services such as inventory management, bonded inventory and more are offered by several distributors nationwide.

While there are several electronic part suppliers to choose from, it is important to select the one with the best quality assurance program and that is affordable for your company.

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