How to Find Electronic Components Distributors

Due to the frequent improvements in technology across various industries, many manufacturers today seek the services of reliable electronic components distributors. One of the reasons for hiring a distributor to procure your parts is the benefit of overall efficiency. Although the price and availability can be hard for manufacturers to monitor, suppliers analyze the market trends and are able to get you the parts you need for an affordable price even if they are aftermarket. Some distributors also offer additional services such as excess inventory management, which can further improve the efficiency of your production.

The fast pace at which technology changes today also dictates the lack of time engineers and manufacturers have to look for a necessary part. The procurement of parts that are obsolete or hard to find is especially time consuming and frustrating. Some manufacturers attempt to follow the trends and buy a myriad of components once there is a sign that they may become obsolete. While this may work for some, overall it decreases efficiency and reduces profit. It is ideal to acquire the necessary components when they are needed.

Besides lack of efficiency, manufacturers may not have the proper tools to test the authenticity of the parts they are using. Due to the threat that the sale and use of counterfeit components poses to the quality of the finished product, it is beneficial to the manufacturer to hire a reliable supplier which has a stern quality assurance program in place. Several cross-checking and testing methods are in place by most distributors including electrical testing to ensure that the components you purchase and use are authentic.

Another way electronic components distributors like Harry Krantz help manufacturers increase their efficiency is by providing services such as excess inventory management. Across all industries from retail to manufacturing, if items have been sitting on your shelves for some time, it is costing you valuable space and money. Knowledgeable distributors are able to provide you with insight on what is best to keep or sell, how to manage your space better and some will even rent you their warehouse space.

While there are several electronic components distributors to choose from, it is important to select the most reliable one from the start. A distributor becomes part of your team and can be responsible for your efficiency or lack thereof.

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