Electronic Components Distributors – What To Look For When Selecting a Distributor

Efficient manufacturing of quality electronic products largely depends on having a reliable electronic components distributor. Acting as a detrimental part of the manufacturing team, distributors are responsible for ensuring that the components are high-quality, are delivered on time and that the manufacturers get the support they need. Another consideration when hiring a reliable supplier is the size of their inventory.

With the demands of the electronics industry changing daily, the role of the electronic components distributors is becoming increasingly important. Many manufacturers consider their suppliers part of the team because the efficiency of their production in part depends on how reliable the supplier is. Reputation of the distributor is usually the first consideration of the manufacturer when searching for the right distributor. Trustworthy suppliers usually have consistently positive testimonials, which can be either found online or obtained from other manufacturers in the industry. Another indicator of a good reputation is the number of years the electronic components distributor has been in business. While this is not always an accurate gauge, distributors that have spent over a decade in the business are typically trusted by their customers.

Quality is one of the chief concerns in the electronic components supply chain. A reliable electronic components distributor ensures that the parts they re-sell are authentic and of proper quality. When qualifying your supplier, be sure that they have a quality assurance system in place such as an on-site testing facility. Some distributors will also provide you a guarantee that the product is authentic and tested.

Timely delivery is another concern of many manufacturers when picking the right distributor. There are two ways of checking that your distributor will deliver on time. First, determine if the distributor has a large inventory of necessary components. Electronic components distributor with numerous components in stock is able to get you them in a timely manner. Also, be sure that the distributor has a dependable delivery system.

Harry Krantz Company is a leading electronic components distributor for the past 70 years that they have been in business. They provide electronic components to a variety of industries including commercial, military and industrial. With over 700,000 components in stock, Harry Krantz Company has a delivery system in place that ensures that their customers receive the best in customer service and in quality.

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